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System Administrator at SAPO / Portugal Telecom

A Sysadmin, and occasional BOfH :) working in operations, that dabbles in networking, databases, and security trying to keep up with the progress being made in all these fields. Started programming in the late 80's, then moved on to administering VAX/VMS systems. Discovered Unix and the internet somewhere in the early 90's. Now manages a few hundred linux servers, and incredibly still has fun with it, despite the occasional grievances :) Other interests include photography, off-road driving, reading thrillers, and attempting to write some of my own, coin collecting, and the occasional beer (or three). For more information, either follow the links below, or figure out my email, and ask away

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contos (pt) - My seldom updated fiction essays :)
Gloriamundi (pt) - My hattrick team
365 images - My postponed 365 images plan.
fotoareis - A fotoblog.